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Thelma Keller... Her Service Continues

She expected things to be done and be done the right way.

It has been said that Lolami Keller always sought the best. Never was his judgement keener than the day he pursued a quiet country girl named Thelma. Thelma knew how to make a great apple cobbler and many other mouth-watering country dishes. Her mother had taught her well in the kitchen and that early training would prove invaluable in the years to come.

Thelma and Lolami were married on Christmas Eve in 1929. The young Kellers borrowed $150.00 and took over an old dilapidated one-pump gas station. Thelma worked at a local plant and then came home and helped pump gas and sell farm produce and groceries. She also made barbecued sandwiches to sell with fresh bread each day. Lolami delivered gas to local farmers.

The couple eventually grew their business into a major gasoline distribution company, along with hotel and restaurant service including the Convention Center. Thelma's fine cooking and a passion for customer service provided the foundation for much success.

Thelma received many prestigious honors, but one of her greatest rewards was making sure her guests enjoyed superior service and outstanding dining. She was a kind, gracious, and understanding woman who knew what she wanted for her guests. In her daily routine, she was a gentle lady in manner and spirit, but by no means did that demean or diminish the iron in her soul. She expected things to be done and to be done the right way. If they were not, she would often simply pitch right in and help do them herself.

Thelma's inspiration has been passed onto the bus boys and waitresses... the service staff and maintenance men... the cooks and the executives. Her commitment to superior service remains at the Thelma Keller Convention Center today.

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